Elastic Headbands

Elastic Headbands

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Every day is the same: your little girl loves to get herself prettied up, completed by her beautiful smile! She loves to slip on her favorite twirly dress, and adding the flower that matches perfectly in her eyes to her headband with the sparkling button.  

This listing is for one single elastic headband with a crystal button to attach your crochet co flowers.

1) Sparkling Silver
2) Glittering Gold
3) Light Gray
4) Magenta
5) Dark Gray
6) Mint Green
7) Skinny Pink
8) Skinny Cream
9) Skinny Black
10) Skinny White
11) Frosted Pink
12) Frosted White
13) Yellow
14) Lavender
15) Gold

Crochet Co flowers are interchangeable from headband to hat. If you have 3 headbands and 5 flowers, you can wear them 15 ways!